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Private jet rental: Everything you need to know about flight and cost

Renting a private aircraft, which takes you privately and flexibly to the most beautiful destinations in Europe, is of course associated with costs. Since price transparency often comes up short in the confusing charter business, we give you an overview of the most important cost factors.

The individual costs for a charter flight with DigaJet are calculated by our sales experts on a daily basis, so that you always receive our best possible offer tailored to your needs.

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Benefit from spontaneous and mostly cheaper empty flights and enjoy the full DIGAJET comfort.

How much does it cost to rent a private jet? What are the prices at DigaJet?

If you want to rent a private jet, the cost per hour depends on many factors, such as

  • the size and capacity of the aircraft
  • the distance to the destination
  • the time of the booking
  • the time of the booking

As a rule of thumb, the longer the flight distance, the larger the aircraft, the more exotic the destination and the less lead time between booking and departure, the higher the cost of a charter flight. As you can see from the various influencing factors, it is important to get good advice when choosing a destination and the right type of aircraft.

For a general initial overview of different private jet categories and their cost per hour, please see the table below.

How is the private jet price at DigaJet composed?

Our price calculation always includes the following components:

  • Positioning of the aircraft to your departure location, if the jet is not on site anyway. For flights from the Rhineland from our homebase there are no positioning costs
  • Costs for fuel, maintenance and wear and tear
  • Crew flat rate for our pilots and flight attendants
  • Airport fees for landing
  • Aircraft parking fees
  • Fees for handling and taxes to the European air traffic control
  • Handling charges for VIP lounges and transfers
  • sowie alle Flugnebenkosten

Optional private jet costs:

  • on request we organize first-class transfer & chauffeur services for you worldwide
  • Costs for de-icing of the wings and subsequent cleaning
  • Fees for special landing rights outside airport opening hours (PPR)
  • Special luxury catering according to your individual wishes
We always strive to make our prices as transparent as possible so that our customers know exactly what they are getting for their money.

Ideal for frequent flyers: DigaJet Sky Business

Are you a frequent flyer looking for a way to rent a private jet, increase your time efficiency and cut costs at the same time? Then our DigaJet Sky Business options are just what you need.

As a DigaJet frequent flyer, you will receive flight hour allotments at attractive special rates. Our business customers also benefit from exclusive price discounts, free flight cancellations and spontaneous changes to destinations and departure times.

We are pleased to welcome many loyal business customers as regular passengers and to accompany them on their international business trips as a reliable airline partner. Let us convince you of our unique DigaJet service and contact us to learn more about our Sky Business options, to receive a personal consultation and to rent your first private aircraft with us.

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Fly cost-efficiently in a private jet: take advantage of empty flights

Take a chance and book an empty flight if you want to fly cost-efficiently on a private jet. An empty flight is one where the aircraft is already booked for a flight, but still has room for additional passengers. When you book an empty flight, the cost of positioning the aircraft is eliminated. As a result, you enjoy all the benefits of a private jet at a significantly reduced cost.

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