Our fleet

At DigaJet, we are proud to offer you a different type of aircraft depending on your destination. For your unforgettable travel experience, we have modern jets available to meet your individual needs.

Our jets - put your trust in DigaJet

Whether light or heavy jet, short-, medium- or long-haul – our jets and aircraft meet the highest standards in terms of safety, service and comfort. Our fleet features the latest technology and advanced safety systems to ensure an exclusive journey.

Regular maintenance is just one part of our stringent safety measures. Our experienced and well-trained staff ensures that our fleet is in perfect condition at all times. Our pilots are highly qualified and have extensive experience in aviation. In addition, we attach great importance to high-quality equipment and luxurious comfort in our aircraft. We will be happy to fulfill your individual wishes, be it in terms of on-board catering, various entertainment options or adjustments to your flight route.